At fab’rik, we believe that while clothing can’t change the world, the women who wear them can. But in order to change the world, you have to be able to dream big dreams, create a plan and put them into action! That is what the Dream Catcher experience is designed to do. In this 4 week session, our fab’rik Founder will walk you through a process designed to ignite your passion, find your purpose and live the life you were made for!

For an hour each week, motivated middle and high school girls come together to dream big dreams, explore their spiritual gifts and create serving opportunities. We will also be discussing fashion, personal style and how to feel beautiful inside and out. Meetings will be conducted virtually in groups of 8-10 like minded dreamers. So you stay inspired to catch your dreams, each member will be paired with a mentor. We are now accepting applications for our September and October sessions so sign up now and let’s start changing the world ladies!